Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Mike Lung Gallery #44

Trying to clear out my e-mail of things large and small, I came upon another entry from GwtG Correspondent Mike Lung. 

First off is another foray in Alternative Armies, this time using Otterman Empire figures to represent Pathan Mongoose tribesmen. 

Teddy Bear, Otterman/Pathan Jezzail, Gnome British Highlander.
With just this picture the Ottermen remind me of a very martial Bear in the Big Blue House, but it does fill a gaping hole in the Gnome Wars line, and allows a lot more flexibility playing the Northwest Frontier.

The next picture is Mike's idea of beat-up or unfinished figures. Flockless bases, figures scuffed from play, oh the horror!

I present his Band of Furry Brothers, figures included ranging from Brigade (gnome), Essex (gnome), Oathsworn (badger and two moles), Dark Sword (hare ranger), and a shrew (from the Mice and Mystics board game.)

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