Thursday, November 3, 2016

Pulp Figures Movember 2016 Promotion

Every year for Movember, Bob Murch at Pulp Figures releases a limited edition figure to raise funds to support men's health.  

This year's figure is Pasha Moustash Ali, who comes not only dominates the scene with fantastic facial, but he ups the ante with... a fez.

To order your special edition mini, you need to donate a minimum of $10 to the Movember campaign for men's health (yes, the link goes to the Canadian site).  Alternate forms of payment can be sent directly to Bob via his PayPal account (details under "Breaking News" on the Pulp Figure main page).

Unfortunately, with the craziness of postage increases, there will be a shipping charge of $3-8 depending on where in the world you live.  Of course, you can alleviate that issue by placing an order with Bob and he'll throw the figure in to that order for no additional S&H charge (Free, if you order 8 or more packs!)

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