Wednesday, September 3, 2014

(Gnome Wars) The California Imperial Guard

After much painting and gnashing of teeth, the 16 core figures of my California Imperial Guard unit for Gnome Wars are finally painted.


Sister Rosalie of the Rosary supports the advancing Guardsmen
Without looking at my Gnome Wars book, this unit is either two figures short or 10 points over the 320-point limit.  Our trustworthy Catholic nun, Sister Rosalie of the Rosary will be treated as a full-blown doctor.   I do have one artillery detachment to paint up, but at this point, they're far down on the painting queue.
The multi-cultural firing line.
Flagbearer excluded, I'll be using these guys in the short term as extra infantry/militia for non-German armies in the Great Gnome War.  They've already made an appearance as Surfians, but I may use them as early French or Belgian gnomes.

Of course, I need to convince my buddy Brian to paint up his Confederate gnomes in an Aztexican or Mormon Theocracy of Deseret scheme.   Or I'll just add them to my want list.

While California is not its own entity in the current Gnome Wars setting, it's easy to see how the "Northern" gnomes can be used to represent other nations, both real, and wholly imagined.

To create the California Imperial Guard (All Hail Emperor Norton!  May he rest in peace!), I used the following paints (all are Americana unless otherwise noted).

Uniform - Base: Evergreen   Wash: Hauser Dark Green  Drybrush: Celery
Highlights - Tuscan Red, Lamp Black, Gold, Lt Cinnamon, Sable,  Raw Sienna
Skin:  (Howard Hues all) Ruddy Flesh for the Whites,  Suntan for the Aztexicans, and Native American for...err.. the lone Native American scout.

Next up in the Painting Queue:  Birdhouses for the kids, robots for Dad.

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