Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Olley's Armies Dwarven Prussian Army Scrunts a Success!

Olley's Armies latest Kickstarter for Dwarven Prussian Scrunts easily made base funding and blew threw a number of stretch goals for add-ons, ultimately reaching £6,963.

Alas, I did not pledge towards anything (First paycheck of September pays EVERYTHING).  Plus I have dozen of Brigade Games Prussian Gnomes that need to be finished past base coats. 

The only figures I wished I could have gotten separately are the dachshunds and the the Kickstarter exclusive Kaiser Wilhelm scrunt.

Now that's a hunk of metal becoming of a leader of an army.   The officer Brigade produces is a mere staff officer in comparison. 

The good news for me is that the dachshunds (and dog carts) are still available Olley's website.

If I'm going for them, I might as well snag up of the Palace Royal Guard (very akin to Oz Troops, even with the ratio of officers to privates considered) and maybe some other miscellaneous packs.  I mean, there is a crazy part of me that wants to hit the lottery and go wild on a squat/scrunt IG army, and a few vehicle crew  packs will help me start the Forge World gunships before Olley's full dream order comes over the pond.

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