Friday, September 5, 2014

Legions of Steel G1 Nightmares

With the Imperial Guard done, I'm moving through a few smaller groups of minis before I start refurbishing my other Gnome Wars units.  First on the block are five Nightmares from the Legions of Steel minis game.

I didn't have my LOS books handy, but at some point they mentioned the AI of the Machines would redesign the nightmares to better represent the nightmares of the Aliens they were fighting.  While the "Terminator" scheme is pretty popular, other attempts to make them "real" skeletons, demons, or even just coloring them differently for camouflage or to distract the enemy are encouraged.

A golden Nightmare, much nicer in person

I don't like the skeleton work, but I won't change it until I reference the suggestions in the book.

Pretty much your stock Nightmare

Electric Blue Strikes Again!

A Stealth Nightmare.  Just slightly darker.
 I do have a bunch of UNE stuff way down in the pipeline, but it would be nice to research a palatte for them.  Nightmares are cake compared to the humans.

NEXT UP:  More robots... and some golfing accessories.

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