Monday, September 8, 2014

It's a Beautiful Day

After a week of oppressive heat, the thunderstorms rolled in Saturday night and I could finally breathe again.

Our temporary houseguest, Clarkie, also went to his new home.  It almost makes two dogs feel manageable.

Today, we finally had a babysitter so my wife could go to a baby shower, and I ventured down to Allentown to rekindle our year long dormant Call of Cthulhu campaign.  

While we waited for an open day I thought it was short term nostalgia that made me miss CoC. 

Nope, right now CoC is the greatest game ever.  

I did manage to voice record my thoughts on the game on the drive home,   but I should be able to remember this for a long time.  A good dose of paranoia, a impromptu cultist attack, bad dreams, an evil mastermind monologuing (and no one dared to stop him), tuning up an ocean liner in the middle of the ocean, and the destruction of so many living room chairs that the president of La-Z Boy is filing a formal complaint.  Despite moments when a TPK felt imminent, or where an impale was proof of certain doom to an investigator, every investigator survived, and most have their sanity intact.

There's some serious book learning being attempted now, so stay tuned for a change in the sanity situation.

Anyway, they finally made it to London, and they might have this thing known as a plan (ooh and two handguns smuggled into England!)!carlyle-expedition

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  1. I miss Clarkie already! Clarkie was a very talented painter. I guess your painting production is going to drop back down to its pre-Clarkie levels. :(