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Zorin Redrock, Gnome Titan Fighter

Zorin Redrock, 7th Level Gnome Titan Fighter

Homeland;  Stronghome
Brown hair, blue eyes, 3'2", 82 lbs.  Right handed, worships Pangrus

Quirks and Flaws: Self Absorbed, Psychotic Aversion to Basilisks, Animal Antipathy: Birds, Sleep Chatter, Enmity to Giant Horseflies, Pyromaniac, Enmity to Humans, Tone Deaf, Near Sighted

Abilities:  Attacks as one level higher, Infravision, +1 against Goblins and Kobolds, Large opponents get -4 to hit.

STR: 19/11                            XP  77,204
DEX: 10/10                           Next Level:  125,000
CON: 17/01
INT:  14/59
WIS:  10/58
CHA:   8/95
COM:  11/28
HON:  85
FAME:  54
HP: 7
AC:  0  (Gnomish Field Plate, open faced helm, medium shield

Weapon Proficiencies:  Short Sword (Master), Club, Dagger, Battle Axe
Short Sword Bonus, Opportunist
Languages:  Gnomish (100%), Common, R/W Trade Prythax

Skills:  Muster Resolve 31%, Mortal Combat 43%, Fire Building 35%,  Military Operations 45% (one check mark), Military Leadership 19% (15% from Fromm Tyre), First Aid Skill Suite 38%, Sew Own Wounds 59%,  Parlay 19%, Leadership Basic, Rope Use 0%(one check mark), Heraldry 23%, Military Small Unit Tactics 51%, Military Battle Sense 65% (+15% Fromm Tyre, one check mark), Engineering Fortifications 24%, Swimming Dog Paddle 20%, Appraising 20% (four check marks), Weapon Maintenance, Armor Maintenance, Tracking 0% (one check mark)

1)  Fromm Tyre #479 (Short Sword +4 of Gnomish Battle Sense)
(spd -6, #att  5/2,  dam  1d6+13/1d6+14/1d8+14)
+4/+4.  If used by gnomekind, grants +15% to Military Battle Sense, Military Leadership, Leadership Maintain Self Discipline, and Recruit Army
2) Dagger of Flesh Reaving +2 (Can leave in wound to cause 1d4 per round)
3) Standard Club
4) Two Daggers
5) Battle Axe

Magic Items:
Ring of Regeneration
Potion of Healing
Potion of Extra Healing
Potion of Water Breathing
Super Candle
Ring of Martyrdom
Weird magical crystal blade thingey from Green Dragon's lair in Stronghome

Stuff of Interest:
Mercadian Diplomatic Corps Uniform (blue)
2 Grunge Elf Ears
Orc Skin Maps
Berserker's Index  Finger
Beholder Tooth
War Pony 'Discretionary Fund V'
Burning Trogs  Signet Ring
Trogs Cloak and Trogs Banner
Scolls with Info on Pass and Temple of Death
List of Master's Army and Spies
Tin Ring from Arab C***Sucker
3 letters by the hand of the Master
Full Map of mountain passes
Ceremonial Tourney Sword (on display in home)
Bargle Letter
Brass Ring
Evar Letters
Corn Dodgers

PP  99
GP  19,505
EP  3,754
SP  5,587
CP  10,468
Bank:  22,252

Misc Notes
Family Grudge  1/2 elf
Family Enemy:  Elemental Cult of Galmar
10% Discount and Personal instruction at Fort Titanicus
Beachfront property in Trebeizond, generates 10,000 GP per year.

Arrow scar on top of left shoulder.
Bite to Right Shin
Right index finger nearly severed, but sewed back on and healed
Claw to right elbow
sword scar to out right upper arm.

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