Sunday, September 7, 2014

(Kickstarter) Stuff and Nonsense by Cheapass Games

Nostalgia reigns supreme when I think of the golden age of Cheapass.  All their games came in a printed envelope, playing pieces needed to be provided, and most games were five bucks.

Flash forward 15 years and inflation has taken over.  Cheapass still makes great games, but the "deluxe" versions of their classics are still better and more affordable than FFG or Asmodee, but they might only be borderline "cheap."
Their next Kickstarter, Stuff and Nonsense proves to me that they still haven't lost that irreverence that made me fall in love with them years ago (not that there was ever proof of that, the irreverence or my unrequited love.)

Sounds like a traditional Cheapass Game, to be manufactured in their new not so Cheapass format.  But then you throw in Professor Elemental?

For those of you who don't know the real life Professor Elemental, please click here.  I'll be happy to wait.


*checks pocketwatch* 

I know, it's beyond awesome.

The stretch goals are simply more add-ons from Professor Elemental Meeples to previous Kickstarters being available for $5 cheaper than retail.

With Horrors of War ending soon, and a giant tank of oil to be filled for the winter, I think I'll just snag up the $5 pdf.

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