Monday, September 22, 2014

The Weekend Spoils of eBay

My latest eBay deal arrived on Saturday.  Even with the exorbitant shipping price, it still amounted to less than fifty cents per figure!

I had bid on the auction for the Legions of Steel UNE Plasma Projectors.  Recent auctions for them had been $9 alone with shipping, so few bucks more for figures to kickstart the Gnomish Space Marines was an obvious steal.  The breakdown:

  • 3 "true 25mm" near future/cyberpunk soldiers.  One is missing an arm, but I may have bits to make some sort of oversized cyborg arm with a weapon.
  • 2 Battletech minis.  A Stinger from the old Battltech boxed set that came with plastic minis, and an old Partha sculpt for '87.  A Panther?  It does have jump jets.
  • 8 Legions of Steel figures.  7 UNE Commandos (one short of a unit), and another Machine Mark I Assault Fiend, or  as Maja still calls him, "The Angry Gnome."  When I went through my first wave of LOS nostalgia in the 21st Century, I had grabbed an Assault Fiend for seven bucks with shipping.  
  • 4 Aliens looking creatures that must be Kryomek?  Only one has any marks on the base and it looks like some letters I can't make out, followed by "92"
  • 1 Cybertronic figure from Warzone
  • 9 Bauhaus figures from Warzone.  Great sci fi SWAT or basic marines if I file off the symbol on the shoulder pad.
  • 9 Dark Legion from Warzone.  Only ones I needed to wiki to remember their name.  My first thought before doing any research was to the paint them in the style of the Necromongers from Chronicles of Riddick.  The one fellow has a bit of Egyptian fellow has a bit of a Necron vibe going, but I'm not finding anything him either way.  (Edit, I did finally find  Valpurgius Nepharite of Alakhai here. Another bargain.)
The one nice thing is if I want a few more blisters to add numbers to my Warzone figures, there's usually plenty of blisters for sale at the flea market at Cold Wars.  Perhaps a Big Bob Watts.

It takes a lot more patience and a lot more searching, but it's nice to see that eBay still has a few great deals out there, among the stores selling excess inventory to people for a dollar less than retail.

In the "When it rains, it pours" department, we got together on Sunday for our second Cthulhu session of not just the month, but the entire year.  Four sessions into Masks and the casualties are light, although the battered and bruised investigators vastly outnumber the dead and insane ones.  Due to some complications with our respective spawn, only four of us got together, but it was quick (under four hours) and very productive.  Each player had at least one brush with death, one old timer met his demise, and they connected a LOT of the dots, but still have no clue how to proceed.  Elias wasn't crazy, he just knew too many of the secrets man was not meant to know.  Shooting for the next tentative game sometime in November.

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  1. Nice! The aliens are indeed Kryomek.