Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Ravings of a Kindergartener's Parent

My daughter Maja is almost done with her first month of Kindergarten.  No, they'll be no fanfare over this milestone.  I can't even tell you what date she started on.

My wife and I have always gotten the moniker of the cool parents, not for our fashionable tastes, but rather that delicate balance between helicopter parents and the negligent ones.  We let the staff do their job, we expect and encourage bumps and bruises, and inthe rare occasion the kids get in trouble we want the swiftest and most effective punishment.   

While she nows her letters and numbers, working with a 5 year old left hander's writing at home was slow and cumbersome.  At school, she has embraced everything and her writing and reading have skyrocketed.

Perhaps the worst writing was when I had her scribble a sentence onto her coloring: 

She'll hate me for this stuff soon enough.  For now I'll take what I can get.

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