Friday, September 12, 2014

(Kickstarter) Salvage Crew 28mm Humans

After my growing complaints about Kickstarters for miniatures and long delays and their pricing, finally someone gets it right.

The Salvage Crew Kickstarter seeks to re-release a series of minis that may have been previously available under Mega Minis.

The figures are metal with plastic bases and are ridiculously affordable ($30 pledge for 20 minis), plus at the rate it's going, all five of the robot stretch goals will probably be reached.

I like the figures, which are a nice mixture of standard post-apoc Judge Dredd, and Necromunda vibes (And do the security guards look like Paranoia Vulture Warriors.  Perhaps it's the red.)  I've got nothing going on for a late October KS, so this might be it.

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