Thursday, September 25, 2014

Brendlar "Whitey" Smallfoot

Within the Burning Trogs, the only thing that rivalled Zorin Redrock's antipathy towards humans was his love and brotherhood toward his soldier in arms, Whitey.    When the two reunited, the old friends were an inseperable pair, the only thing keeping Whitey from greater success being his numerous debilitating ailments...

Here for reference in the Burning Trogs Rule! stories, is Brendlar Smallfoot, at the end of the campaign.

Brendlar "Whitey" Smallfoot
6th level Hairfoot Halfling Cleric of Yondalla
EP;  31,613    Next 60,001
Honor:  47 (d6+1)

Fame : 10
Age 33            Sex:  Male     Alignment:  Lawful Good       Social Class  UMC
Height 3'1"  Weight 61 lbs  Hair Light Blond  Eyes:  Light blue/red

STR  11/42
CON 14/54
INT 13/47
WIS 17/68
DEX 15/50
CHA 8/70
COM 4/58  (Shaving/Grooming in effect)

HP  48
Armor Class 4 (Scale plus Dex)

Quirks and Flaws
Blind (right eye)
No Depth Perception
Accident Prone
Male Pattern Baldness
Maimed (sever facial burn)
Missing left pinkie finger
Sleep Chatter
Trick Knee
Animal Antipathy
Nervous Tic
Sound Sleeper
Acute Allergy (dust)

Spells per level (bonuses included)
7, 5, 3

Skills Talents
Lang: Common 100%
Lang  Halfling 100%
RW Common  32%
RW Halfling 21%
Religion General 74%
Religion Akana 29%
Religion Pangrus 29%
Religion yondalla 39%
Agriculture 27%
Anatomy Basic 2%
Berate 14%
Botany 55%
Brewing 45% (Talent applied)
Carpentry Tools 20%
Clever Packer 25%
Coin Pile Approx 18%
Culinary Arts 20%
Dig Proper Grave 34%
Diplomacy 13%
Divine Lore 39%
First Aid Skill Suite 74%
Healing 25%
Heraldry 25%
Herbalism 19%
Joke Telling 14%
Plant ID  18%
Rousing Speech 19%
Rules of Fair Play 23%
Shaving Grooming 100%
Surgery Tools/Suture Kit  34%
Swimming Dog Paddle 23%

Brewing Talent
Expert Haggler
Reaction Bonus
Astute Observation
Acute Alertness

Ring of Invisibility
holy symbol iron
surgeons kit
corn dodgers

42,662 gp
200 ep
1958 sp
3 cp
6 gems worth 500 gp each

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