Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Free Swag is Free Swag, Especially When it's Free!

I've been prone to harp upon the new FLGS, Emerald Vale Games from time to time.  A formal review to update my incomplete I gave when they just opened will be ready in November with the good, the bad, and the ugly, but for now, I have a few items on preorder, I snag up a Magic pack or Arizona iced tea when nothing else looks interesting, and I've yet to physically game inside the store.

This week begins hell season at work... Sixty to Seventy hour weeks, lots of babysitting the new employees which interferes with me getting actual work done.  I did manage to get over to the store after one late night, and boy was the place booming.  I even ran into James Burns, fellow Mepacon attendee and board game guru.  The place was packed, I bought my usual Arnold Palmer and wandered the store, looking at the 40k, WFB, Magic, and other boardgames getting played throughout.   Ultimately I ended end paging through Magic binders of cards I have no idea what they do.

Joe, one of the owners, was working on buying some cards, so I didn't bother him.  All of a sudden, he asked me "Do your girls like Harry Potter?"

I said I hadn't introduced them to him yet, and suddenly a small box went flying through the air.  It was a starter set for the WotC Harry Potter card game.  The box smelt like it had been printed inside Phillip Morris, but the cards were still in shrinkwrap.   Looks like we'll have something to do... in about 3 more years.

In addition to thanking him, I reviewed my outstanding orders with them and added Dagger RPG from Brave Halfling to it.  Barring a meth lab forming inside (although I did see a large amount of "crack") I think November's review will be a cakewalk for them.

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