Wednesday, May 9, 2018

(Kickstarter) OGRE Miniatures, 2nd Edition Rulebook!!

As I sit and alternate between pining for news on my OGRE Plastic Minis II Kickstarter and finding time to paint up the vehicles for OGRE Plastic Minis I, I was pleasantly surprised to see the launch of a new edition of the rules for the figures.

OGRE Miniatures, 2nd Edition....
From the Kickstarter:
Ogre Miniatures Second Edition is a 64-page book that comes with a separate reference sheet, full-color die-cut templates and craters, and 24 Ogre (and Superheavy) 2-sided record cards. This is a complete rules set; you will need a die, some miniatures, and a table to play on.

The pdf should be ready by June 2018, with the hardcopies scheduled to be released for November 2018.

The good news? Some of the items from the previous OGRE Plastic Minis Kickstarters appear to be made available (at least series 1).

The bad news? The rulebook will not be produced from traditional distribution channels. Your FLGS either needs to participate in the retailer pledges, or have a direct account with Steve Jackson Games.

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