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Nominees for 2018 Origins Awards Announced

The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design has announced this year's nominees for the 2018 Origins Awards.  

Want to vote on the awards?  The show up to the Origins Games Fair, June 13-17 in Columbus, Ohio.  Only con attendees get to vote.

Not actively predicting winners, but I list my preferred pick in BOLD UNDERLINE

Board Games (12 Nominees) 
  • The Captain is Dead by Alderac Entertainment Group (designed by Joe Price and JT Smith)
  • Dice Forge by Asmodee Editions (designed by Régis Bonnessée) 
  • Gloomhaven by Cephalofair Games (designed by Isaac Childres) 
  • The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire by CMON (designed by Eric Lang) 
  • Great Western Trail by Eggertspiele (designed by Alexander Pfister) 
  • Lorenzo il Magnifico by CMON (designed by Virginio Gigli, Flaminia Brasini, Simone Luciani) 
  • Near and Far by Red Raven Games (designed by Ryan Laukat) 
  • Pandemic Legacy Season 2 by ZMan Games (designed by Matt Leacock and Rob Daviau) 
  • Raiders of the North Sea by Renegade Games Studios (designed by Shem Phillips) 
  • Tak: A Beautiful Game by Cheapass Games (designed by James Ernest and Patrick Rothfuss) 
  • Sagrada by Floodgate Games (designed by Daryl Andrews and Adrian Adamescu) 
  • Santorini by Spinmaster (designed by Dr. Gordon Hamilton) 
Pandemic should win on name-recognition, but I've enjoyed Gloomhaven.

Card Games (10 Nominees) 
  • 5-Minute Dungeon by Spin Master (designed by Connor Reid) 
  • Aeon’s End by Indie Board & Cards (designed by Kevin Riley) 
  • Custom Heroes by Alderac Entertainment Group (designed by John D. Clair) 
  • Ex Libris by Renegade Games Studios (designed by Adam P. McIver) 
  • The Fox in the Forest by Renegade Games Studios (designed by Joshua Buergel) 
  • Hero Realms by White Wizards Games (designed by Darwin Kastle) 
  • Honshu by Renegade Games Studios (designed by Kalle Malmioja) 
  • Jump Drive by Rio Grande Games (designed by Thomas Lehmann) 
  • The Lost Expedition by Osprey Publishing (designed by Peer Sylvester) 
  • One Deck Dungeon by Asmadi Games (designed by Chris Cieslik) 
No choices here, and I almost kicked myself for missing out on a WWI card game from Osprey.  Then my senses came to me that I was thinking Lost Battalion, not an Amazonian expedition.  

Collectible Games (10 Nominees) 
  • Cardfight!! Vanguard Demonic Advent Booster by Bushiroad 
  • Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Icons of the Realms: Monster Menagerie IIby WizKids
  • DC Comics Dice Masters: Batman Foil Packs by WizKids 
  • Dragon Ball Super Galactic Battle Booster by Bandai 
  • Final Fantasy TCG: Opus I Collection Booster by Square Enix 
  • Marvel HeroClix: The Mighty Thor by WizKids 
  • Magic: The Gathering Ixalan Boosterby Wizards of the Coast
  • Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon Booster by The Pokémon Company International
  • Star Wars Destiny: Awakenings Booster by Fantasy Flight Games 
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! 2017 Mega Tin by Konami 
While Magic should dominate, I've purchased a lot of Sun and Moon for Maja, and it seems to be a fun and quality set.  Not the dinosaurs and pirates of Ixalan, but I was underwhelmed by the cards.

Family Games (10 Nominees with Foreman)
  • Azul by Plan B Games (designed by Michael Kiesling) 
  • Bunny Kingdom by IELLO (designed by Richard Garfield) 
  • Codenames: Disney by USAopoly (designed by Vlaada Chvátil) 
  • Codenames: Duet by Czech Games Edition (designed by Vlaada Chvátil and Scott Eaton) 
  • Downforce by Restoration Games (designed by Wolfgang Kramer) 
  • Dropmix by Hasbro Gaming (designed by Harmonix) 
  • Hotshots by Fireside Games (designed by Justin De Witt) 
  • Mountains of Madness by IELLO (designed by Rob Daviau) 
  • Sagrada by Floodgate Games (designed Daryl Andrews and Adrian Adamescu) 
  • Viral by Arcane Wonders (designed by Gil d'Orey and Antonio Sousa Lara) 
No pick from me here, but Lovecraft stories are now family games?  Can't wait for the family vacation to play this with Aunt Gertrude and Uncle Leo.

Miniatures (4 Nominees) 

Blood & Plunder by Firelock Games (designed by Michael Tuñez)

Runewars Miniatures Game by Fantasy Flight Games (designed by Andrew Fischer)
The Walking Dead Miniatures Game by Mantic Games (designed by Mark Latham)
Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition by Games Workshop

40K will roll, Walking Dead might upset by name recognition, and Runewars is questionable, but the real tragedy is that Blood and Plunder is the only quality and innovative item on that list.  

Roleplaying Game (12 Nominees)  - Some Designers removed for space and formatting
  • Adventures in Middle Earth Player’s Handbook by Cubicle 7 Entertainment 
  • Blades in the Dark by Evil Hat Productions 
  • Blue Rose (2nd Edition) by Green Ronin Publishing 
  • Cthulhu Confidential by Pelgrane Press 
  • The Dark Eye Core Rules by Ulisses Spiel (designed by Ulrich Kiesow) 
  • The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen (3rd Edition) by Fantasy Flight Games 
  • My Little Pony: Tales of Equestria by River Horse Ltd. 
  • Monsterhearts 2 by Buried Without Ceremony (designed by Avery Adler) 
  • Puppetland by Arc Dream Publishing 
  • Starfinder by Paizo (designed by Robert G. McCreary and Owen K.C.) 
  • Traveller Starter Set by Mongoose Publishing 
  • Vurt by Ravendesk Games (designed by Alexander Lepera, Lee Pruit, Pete Stauber) 
For a guy who actively runs My Little Pony at cons, and with my kids at home, it's a no-brainer.  I reviewed it here, and have not found any new flaws in it with further play, even making "Power Ponies" for super-hero play.  

Roleplaying Supplement (13 Nominees)  - Desingers removed for space and formatting
  • Adventures in Middle Earth – Rhovanian Region Guide by Cubicle 7 Entertainment
  • Adventures in Middle Earth – Loremaster’s Guide by Cubicle 7 Entertainment 
  • Blue Rose – Narrator’s Kit by Green Ronin Publishing 
  • Call of Cthulhu: The Grand Grimore of the Cthulhu Mythos by Chaosium
  • Call of Cthulhu: The Two Headed Serpent by Chaosium 
  • Castles and Crusades Codex Germania by Troll Lord Games 
  • Castles and Crusades Codex Slavorumby Troll Lord Games 
  • Cypher System Expanded Worlds by Monte Cook Games 
  • Cypher System Predation by Monte Cook Games 
  • Doctor Who RPG: Gamemaster’s Companion by Cubicle 7 Entertainment 
  • Dungeons & Dragons Xanathar’s Guide to Everything by Wizards of the Coast
  • Mutants & Masterminds Atlas of EarthPrime by Green Ronin Publishing 
  • Shadow of the Demon Lord: Demon Lord’s Companion by Schwalb Entertainment 
D&D, followed by Pulp Cthulhu, but none strike me as "votable" (which is, apparently, a real word).

Game Accessories (7 Nominees) 
  • Chaosium Call of Cthulhu Coloring Book by Chaosium 
  • Sword & Sorcery Custom Dice Pack by Ares 
  • The Broken Token Terraforming Mars Organizer by The Broken Token 
  • Sails of Glory Series 4 Ship Packs by Ares Games 
  • Smirking Dragon Tablecloths by Smirking Dragon 
  • D&D: Icons of the Realms and Pathfinder Battles PrePainted Miniatures by WizKids 
  • Zia Station Organizer by Meeple Realty
After some early luck, I'm fading out of the generic gamer demographic again...

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