Friday, May 11, 2018

The Muscle, Some Ranting, and Maja's Birthday!!!

It's been a week chock full of Kickstarters (with more to come tomorrow), weekly scheduled posts, and with a weekend in West Virginia for the USA Gymnastic Trampoline & Tumbling Northeast Regional Championships coming up, I figured I'd make this an all-encompassing post.

First off, something random off the painting bench:
77170: Clay Golem ($2.79)
Still can't figure out why a clay golem needs to look like a steroid-filled bodybuilder, but he will have a use in our Pulp Egypt game.
Compared to a measly Pulp Figures cultist.
Up Next: Arabs, Arabs, Arabs! Some of them already have base coats, too!

Secondly, today is my daughter Maja's birthday.  Nine already!  You may have heard it was coming up, as I believe she has told every person in the world this information over the past week. 
All she wants is a vanilla ice cream cake and some basketball clothing.  All I want for her is to keep her enthusiasm, her inquisitiveness, and her tolerance to play a game or two with dear old Dad, even if she's built an intolerance for him dancing in public.  
From the way-back machine....
It's a bit shocking to recall that Maja is only four months older than this blog.  Nothing planned for that celebration (especially since it's in the middle of my busy season for work).

With the return of nice weather, the call of yard work and the kids' basketball hoop will take away home gaming time, but they have demanded Egypt and Mouse game of some variety.  Finals grading and new job opportunities are delaying a restart of face-to-face gaming with the guys, but I'm looking at revamping the Cthulhu campaign or something completely different, rather than doing full-out D&D Gulluvia at the table.  

With the only consistent gaming, the 5e online game I'm in, we've finally levelled (woo-hoo 3rd!) and after six weeks where the only real combat was me landing my hand axe in a waiter's chest (I thought he would be much more important than a lowly servant), we finally had a full combat session, river barge combat, no less.  It might be all these hippie-dippie independent RPG podcasts I've been listening to, but Falgor the Might, hero to the Havaari, should do more than than seven-step moves and attack.  Cleaving a foe in two, and kicking his remains into the river MUST be a thing.   And while everyone else stands flat-footed while a large war canoe catches up to the boat, the scene demands that I go into battle rage and leap from our barge into their canoe.  Didn't work out as cinematically as I would have liked it to, but (a) we needed prisoners to interrogate and (b) my elf barbarian can apparently take a LOT of damage while raging.  Hopefully I'm not struck with the curse of the bat-boys and get some XP next week. 

With the arrival of my Pizza Dice and finally setting up Warehouse23 account for my copy of Ogrezine, my outstanding Kickstarters are relatively small, and outside of a $5 pledge for a coin for the Prince Valiant game I've written off, everything else pending either is on time or is within a revised schedule I'm acceptable with.  

With my added duties of my promotion and boss assuming the role of his now-departed boss and delegating more to me, podcast time has dwindled considerably.  I can no longer plug-in and zone out on my projects when I have multiple conference calls, webinars, and face-to-face meetings.  Ah such is life. 

One heretical statement I will make: I simply cannot stand D&D actual play podcasts, specifically Critical Role and Dungeon Delve. Maybe it's the time investment, maybe it's the characters/GM style, but I'm not drawn into them like I have others..

I'm thinking the personal investment I'm willing to make for a podcast can not exceed an hour.  I even feel my stamina waning when Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff creeps over the 60 minute mark.  It's definitely taken a few off my auto-download list.  

Biggest mover on my list is the gray lady of podcast, Fear the Boot. It's not the shakeup in the line-up, and I haven't heard a single actual play for their Skies of Glass game, but the discussions generated from that game create great generic topics. 

Ballad of the Pigeon God
I know, I know, it's supposed to be a blog about Gnomes, but the Pigeon God dominates the blog.  These write-ups from an AD&D college campaign twenty years ago dominate my page views (3 in my Top 10 for the year, six in the Top 20), so I must finish them.  The problem has been that next week's episode (#58) is the last entry from the party's journal, so I've been cobbling together the rest of the story, with a few edits and embellishments to keep continuity and interest, respectively.  I finished up episodes #67 and 68 earlier this week and still have three or four more to write.

And for the record, I'll always post RPG actual plays on this blog.  If blogs in this form existed when I was a kid (and my parents were willing to pay for internet), they would have focused 98% on RPGs.  When Magic came out or when I got big into Legions of Steel, I could have split them off into separate blogs.  But at 44 years of age, I'm happy enough to keep up with an online journal covering all my hobby-related stuff.  

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