Friday, October 12, 2018

The Holy Warrior of Shenanigans

Not even two weeks into my new gaming year, and I need to put down a progress report of all the things I need done before my games at Fall-In! and Mepacon.

Fall-In! - Samoa
  • Register Maja for the convention (Deadline October 26th)
  • Find a hotel room for Friday night
  • Buy new Zap-a-Gap
  • Find my copy of Contemptible Little Armies
  • Touch-Up/Repair the figures
  • See if the Battle in a Box rules are plausible with this scenario.  Otherwise I'm using two boxes, one for everything but the terrain.
  • Touch-Up/Repair Terrain, if needed.
  • Stat-Out scenario
  • Dropcloth for scenario (Jo-Ann Fabrics)
  • Inventory materials for game.
  • Play-test at least one time (Daughters are ok).
No new figures to paint, just a lot of touch-up and weapons to reglue.  

Mepacon -  My Little Pony RPG
  • Order My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria Movie Sourcebook
  • Rory Story Cubes Ocean Theme Set?
  • Photocopy enough character sheets (SeaPony is possible) for 32 players.
  • Review plot points
  • Super Secret non-Pony Cartoon Research
Mepacon - Octonauts
  • Pull out copy of Scavengers, review rules
  • Format Character sheet, make pre-gens. short backgrounds.
  • Outline story premise.  Stat out a few key players. 
If you come back here over the next month and find lines though the items, I actually accomplished something! Here's hoping....

Other than that, I'm cleaning the basement to prep for winter (and possibly another hurricane).  Painting will resume after the cons (and probably the busy season at work).  

After that, those infernal Pulp campaign games that I actually want to play through need to find a spot on the dining room table before the kids' basketball season steals them away... then the holidays... then the dance recital.... etc...

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