Tuesday, October 14, 2014

(Hackmaster) Burning Trogs Rule! #10 Fort Dzeebagd

3rd of Quadec, 1133, Fort Dzeebagd, Milosic
The Trogs continued their meanderings through the humanoid wasteland of Milosic. While navigating around some sulfur fields, they encountered some red humanoid lizards who approached them peacefully. After some blunt and honest introductions, the lizards offered to pay for the heads of some rival blue lizards who were holed up in the ruins of Dzeebagd.  With a goblin bounty already in effect, this was easy money!

4th of Quadec, 1133, Fort Dzeebagd, Milosic
They finally arrived at Dzeebagd, which was little more than a wooden palisade surrounding some ruins. Tobias and Nina scouted the back while the rest engaged with surprise frontal assault. While they slayed all the goblins, they took massive wounds, Nina especially. They need nearly two days of rest in these tenuous defenses to memorize enough healing to bring her back from the brink of death.

6th of Quadec, 1133, Fort Dzeebagd, Milosic
Despite multiple entrances into the catacombs below, there was no evidence that the goblins had ever tried to venture underground.  While they could not find any blue lizards for their bounty, there was plenty of danger with gargoyles, exploding spore traps, and even a giant snake. They decided to give up the search in the underground ruins and head back east into Marakeikos. 

13th of Quadec, 1133, Milosic
Pushing through the steppes of Milosic, they encountered an army of orcs and goblins blocking their path. They could not get around the army, and skirmishes with their advance guard kept pushing them south.  Seven days of this game of cat-and-mouse (orc-and-gnome titan?) had exhausted the Trogs, but also lead them to the gates of the fortified village of Felsentheim. 

Next:  The Defense of Felsentheim!

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