Friday, April 3, 2015

Revisiting Dark Sword Miniatures

The While I haven't set up the wet bar and cabana yet, I have managed to catch up at work and subsequently, home life has shown a moment or two of peace. 

Between Cthulhu AARs, Gnomish Space Marine writing, priming Battle Mechs with the girls, I've got plenty of blogging to work on, but I decided to go back and pull some great ideas from a much neglected source:  GwtG Intrepid Reporter:  Mike Lung.   

While I put my head down during the Fall and hoped to survive through the barrage of work and home, Mike kept sending me link after link of gaming goodness.  Rarely could I respond back with something more than "awesome" or "send help... fading fast" but I'm going through them again now and I would be a massive fool not to mention 105% of the e-mails.
The first topic is Dark Sword Miniatures.  I mentioned them in the early days of the blog, and I did make a small effort back in September when Mike brought them up.

Beaver Druid
They now have great lines of frogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, and mice, but I'm smitten with the spellcasting one-shots that I might be able to justify the $9.99-$11.99 price tag as a special character. 

Owl Wizard
These might make great alternate wizards for Gnome Wars, even if I need to tweak the Mythology of the Four Immortals (spoilers) that's being developed. 
Happy Easter
Goat Necromancer....  Fitting, yet disturbing.
Mayan Chihuahua

Possum Druid and "Henchmen"

Still great for anthropomorphic gaming. Here’s the link:

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