Saturday, May 9, 2015

(IOU) Mister Bipp

When I thought starting up my Illuminati University campaign from the ashes of the glorious campaign run of the 90's, I remember two things

a) It was definitely going to use GURPS
b) My friend Hoyce made the first character, Mister Bipp

Now, Hoyce wasn't too keen on GURPS, but he was unusually excited for playing an ex-astronaut talking chimp.  When not mini-golfing or trying to escape the Earth's atmosphere, Mr Bipp was quite comfortable in a tweed jacket (with patches) and a pipe, wandering the grounds, actively avoiding the animal testing buildings for some reason.

Mister Bipp
Former Space Chimp-in-Training (4)
Proper British Gentleman (3)
Math Major (3)
Miniature Golf Caddy (1)
Equipment:  Tweed jacket, pipe.

Enemy: C.T.H.U.LH.U.  (9+)
 Last updated 9/20/15

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