Sunday, June 14, 2015

Plunder From the Tomb

The father-daughter painting time, it's time to show off the spoils of the tombs. 

This is the Windsword Accessories Tomb Accessory #1 (Although my packaging says #2).

Like with the Sphinx, I let Maja do the base coats and dry brushing.  I only touched up spots and put the details on the scarab on the one piece.  

The detail really isn't there for these pieces anyway, and probably not the best avenue to display a six-year old's painting skills on her second painting project. The dental plaster they're made from isn't the sturdiest material (you can see the break on the scarcophagus lid that was caused buy a table to chair sized drop).   But they are cheap ($4.00 for the set, the Sphinx is $6.00) and they will certainly work for the Father's Day game.
Mummies?  We don't need no stinkin' Mummies!
And what are a Mexican, an elf, and a generic female explorer doing with Egyptian artifacts (and half-painted trucks)?  
And where is the mummy (besides still being worked on today by Maja)?  

You'll have to wait till next week's AAR.  We've got some more painting to do today.

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  1. Great work you two. Have a blast on Father's Day !