Thursday, June 11, 2015

(Risus) Christopher Lee

Everyone with an internet access has seen this meme.
I've always wanted to stat out Christopher as an amalgam of his characters, and his real-life actions.  I figure on the news of his death, this is a great time to do so.

Risus is a simple role-playing game where stats are created using cliches.  Normally a character such as Sherlock Holmes would be defined by four (or more)  cliches, but these such iconic roles that the character is there own cliche.  The number in parenthesis is the number of dice rolled to use that cliche, the higher the better.   I created them by comparing the volume of work with the role played.  Mr Lee once played Rasputin in a movie now largely forgotten, but he still played Rasputin, hence "Crazed Russian Mystic (2)."  I decided against adding hooks, double pumps, and other "advanced" rules, but he's Christopher Lee, we'll grant him extra powers as they come up.  He played Mephistopheles and DEATH!

He might be the one character that Snake Gandhi might pledge allegiance to, although Lee also played the role of  Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, so I believe Snake should be plotting his grisly (in-game) demise, probably with the help of candy, chariots, or Steve Guttenberg.

Christopher Lee
Freakin' Dracula (7)
Middle-Earth Wizard (6)
The Man with the Golden Gun (6)
British Consulting Detective (6)
Cunning Linguist (5)
SAS Intelligence Operative and Nazi Hunter (4)
Oriental Criminal Mastermind (4)
Frankenstein's Monster (3)
Hammer Film Mummy (3)
Grand Master of the Knights Templar (3)
Ageless Heavy Metal Singer (3)
Decrepit Sith Lord (3)
The Jabberwocky (3)
Spanish Sea Captain (2)
The Man from Meung (2)
Crazed Russian Mystic (2)
Injury-Prone Chariot Driver (1)
Desperate Russian Police Commandant (1)
Strict Dentist (1)

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