Thursday, October 1, 2015

Gaming Plan for 2016

Another crazy, productive year is behind me.  What can I reasonably shoot for in 2016 (Which by my heretical ways runs October 1, 2015 through September 30, 2016)?

Most of my goals fell flat this past year, and many that didn't were short lived.  Let's prioritze this list a bit better this year, shall we?

My Girls:  The whole reason I try to play as many games as I do.  Sure, it's not Squad Leader, but it's not (always) Candyland either.   Activities with the girls:
  • Savage Showdown:  We're still early in, but the ladies like their skirmish level game and I've got tons of scenarios.  Plus, it allows me to paint individual figures most of the time.
  • Role-Playing:  Between a Revival of Dungeons and Ponies, A Village on the Hill, TWERPS, T.I.A.R.A. and some Kids TV games based off of Scavengers, I have way too much potential here. Plastic Tanks and Princesses are mandatory.
  • Kid's Game:  My main failure at #30GamesAMonth, beyond scheduling, time, and energy.  Not enough quick kid/family games for ages 6 and under.  Time to start accumulating games for ages 9 and under, especially dice games.
Call of Cthulhu:  The game has sort of stalled, being in a long term campaign storyline versus the series of one-offs tied into a campaign can do that.  My goal is to progress through Cairo, maybe Kenya before the money dries up, and tie-up some loose ends before we turn our attentions elsewhere.  The group might make it the Shanghai (not this year at least), and we can keep going.   If I happen to grab Invictus, we might take a breather to recharge interest in the game and our batteries. 

Hackmaster:  The Burning Trogs are coming back, ten years later, and revenge is on their minds.   I'm definitely more enthused at the prospect of mega sessions of crunchy gaming than CoC at this second, but there's a lot of work to be done to get to the first session.

Emereon - AD&D, 2nd Edition:  As if that's bad enough, the return of the wise and and insufferable Hoyce to Pennsylvania has instill desire in him to restart his AD&D game.  My street ruffian made good is halfway finished, but I don't know where the time to game will come from.  #NerdWorldProblems.

Samoa:  I'm sticking with the first half of my Samoa goal from last year: The great thing about painting up all the Samoans is that I can pop them of the shelf and have a skirmish any time I want to. Village raids were commonplace, so a few huts and that's all I need.   I might add a few more figures and some paper huts and BOOM, there's my game for Cold Wars... without borrowing stuff from other gamers.

Conventions:  Fall-In! (Daddy-Daughter Weekend - Paying Attendee), Cold Wars (Guys Weekend - Gnomes and Samoa), Mepacon Spring 2016 (Birthday Weekend - To Be Determined).   That's it.

Gnome Wars: It's the original inspiration for the blog.  It shall never go away, even if I'm just doing the joust for Fall-In!  Perhaps I'll try to assemble enough material to run the Battle of Yellowstone for Fall-In! 2016, without borrowing stuff from other players.  I'd like the girls to be re-interested in them so I we can play another game or two of the Astro-Surfian War.    And after I recharge and get motivated by the Gnomes at Fall-In! I'll go back to writing.

Frostgrave/Mordheim: Frostgrave is reviving fantasy skirmish.  It might be worth a gander. 

Painting:  Nothing grandiose again... or perhaps... just a bit:
  • Gnomes:  still a LOT of touch up to do, and perhaps the Irish... or Germans... or Australian Cav get finally get finished
  • Martians:  the bin o' GW/Heartbreaker goblins I've snagged on the cheap is calling my name, and the paint schemes I have for them are fairly unique and inspiring.  I have some cheapo spider to practic on first (for the girls, of course).
  • Samoa:  Whatever I buy must go the front of the queue.
  • Terrain:  Palm Trees forever!  Must build up the jungle terrain.
  • Battletech:  I've got 18 more to go.   When the system was hitting all cylinders over the summer, it was fun to paint them up.
  • Operation Tom Sawyer II:  Keep mixing things up, prepping for the next Savage Worlds game, and just make sure painting isn't a chore.
  • Professional Painting:  I've said it most years, I'll finally have the UNE Pioneer and Behemoth painted up a la Planetstorm.  Get a quote at Fall-In!, drop them off at Cold Wars.

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