Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Weekend! 2017

Over Labor Day Weekend, we had a nice relaxing time with just the family (and a hi-speed, sugar filled Friday night sleepover.  *sigh*).  The early trajectories of the hurricane, added to my wife's work schedule, forced us to officially cancel any and all festivities of our Day of Sloth picnic. 

Let's be honest, after a ten year run, we needed a Labor Day off. 

We did get to restart our family pulp game and outside of dog infused carpets that need shampooing, the house might be cleaner than when we moved it. 

One additional nugget of gaming goodness was a mailing for next year's "The Weekend 2017."

The Weekend! is a get together of wargamers (and some tolerable boardgamers) which will next occur June 21st-24th at the Continental Inn in Lancaster, PA.  Its a cozy get-together of fun games, warm camaraderie, and snacks....

LOTS of snacks.

My wife already has the entire week scheduled with a half-week in Ocean City, only to travel up to Lancaster for The Weekend!   Apparently she and the kids enjoyed some sight-seeing and lots of time in the pool as I gamed.   And with our connections for the condo, it will still be cheaper than a regular weekend going to Historicon. 

Still pondering if I want to run a nice mixture of Samoa and/or Gnomes.  I'm still pondering Mepacon in November, so I believe I have some time.

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