Thursday, September 1, 2016

#RPGaDay 2016 Review

Another August, another #RPGaDay in the books. 

Kudos to for taking up the reins and hosting/sponsoring this year's questions. 
The questions were different enough from previous years, with some obvious returns to certain questions (Best game in since August of last year should be on every year, which means there's only 30 more to do for 2017!)
Topic-wise I don't think anything expanded my horizons. In fact I spent a lot of time linking back to previous posts I've written over the years for reference. 

I guess the main purpose of this project is the RPG community getting together and sharing stories. 
For that, it's a success.  So many new Twitter handles and blogs popped up (and I can't even comment on all the non-English blogs that exploded this time, especially since I can't read them and have little time to drop stuff in a translator.)
I'd like to think that I gave thorough, enjoyable posts through this process, although I'll openly admit that I phoned in a few days in the 20s.   However, outside of the few people I already follow, I found a number of the entries even more mundane and boring than the, "*nasally voice*  I had an elf.  He was a blade singer.  He checked for traps and totally got this sweet sword.  Then the DM's sister came downstairs and my chronic perspiration kicked in */nasally voice*"

Now, let's be honest, one of the secondary goals of this type of project to a small blog like me is increased traffic.  be it blog, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.    Historically, 2014 and 2015 each generated about the same number of hits that I was normally getting on a daily basis, plus 10% residual traffic after the month was over.  While I did do some two-a-day posts last year, all but one day this August had multiple posts.  Despite a minor increase in #RPGaDay traffic from last year, this is actually down from overall daily traffic nowadays. 

I anticipate between 2-10% additional hits on this years posts, still not enough to make up the lack in traffic.
To be truthful, despite a great month of reminiscing about RPGs, and all the Actual Plays I've been posting, my focus on the blog covers three areas:
  • Wargaming, specifically, but not entirely Gnome Wars from Brigade Games
  • Gaming with my girls, in any form possible, our focus this years has been Savage Showdown/Worlds
  • Painting down the lead pile on my workbench.
I simply don't have time to focus onto a weekly game, be it a campaign or a game night of continual one-shots.  I barely had that time in college... and I ran a game store during those years!

In the seven years since my first daughters was born, here's the entire extent of my role-playing in sessions...

Call of Cthulhu 27  (NEPA Coal Cracker/NYC/Masks Campaign)
Savage Showdown/Worlds 8
D&D 4 (5th Edition Dungeons & Ponies)
Heroclix RPG-style:  4
Risus 4

Con Games:
Hackmaster 1
Kobolds Ate My Baby 1
Spirit of '77 2
Toon 2

Call of Cthulhu 3
D&D 3
Village on a Hill: 2
Mouse Guard 1
Toon 1

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.    Here's hoping the new batch of Savage Worlds, Hackmaster, Rifts, and anything else that essentially falls into my lap produces a new wave of stories for #RPGaDay 2017.

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