Saturday, September 10, 2016

CoC Masks Post-Campaign Review

I stole this tally from Far Beyond My Capacity

Distance travelled: 28,362 miles

Three Years Actual Time
17  sessions

Cultists confirmed killed:
  • 5 Cult of the Bloody Tongue (New York)
  • 10 Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh (London)
  • 10 Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh (Egypt)
  • @100 Cult of the Bloody Tongue (Kenya)
  • 10-15 Cult of the Bloated Woman Technicians (Gray Dragon Island)
  • 65 New China Army Soldiers sacrificed to the greater good.
Cultists killed by lion:  3

Innocents directly killed: 75
Innocents indirectly killed by Imperial Japanese Navy, on intelligence from the Investigators: 25,000
Sailors of the Imperial Japanese Navy Killed:  25
Marines of the Imperial Japanese Navy Killed: 32

Africans clubbed by Investigators:  12
Wilderness Guides Killed: 2
Wilderness Guides that Survived: 1
Sikh Knife-Fighters Killed With Self-Inflicted Wounds: 1
Mythos beasts encountered:
  • 1 Serpent Person
  • 1 Thing in the Fog
  • 3 Miscellaneous lesser gods
  • 1 Elder Thing
  • 2 Hounds of Tindalos
  • 2 Fire Vampires
  • 1 Dark Young
  • 1 Spawn of Nylarathotep
  • 5 Deep Ones (and lots of carcasses)
  • 1 Shoggoth
Cars Crashed: 1
Motorcycles Crashed: 1
Boats stolen: 2
Buildings blown up: 1
Rooftop Chases: 1
Brothel roofs crashed through: 1
Grenades Used: 37

Hospital visits: 6
Deportations: 6

Black Market Weapons Obtained by Wintermute:  14

Skills Improved to 90% or more: 3 

Steamships overhauled by O'Hara: 2

Appearances by an eight-foot tall orange Asian man: 2

Human Brains Eaten: 1

Characters who jumped off a moving train:  2
  • Steven O'Hara
  • Francois Guerin
Characters killed: 6
  •  Heinrich Hans, ex-German Flying Ace  (blood loss from getting his hands chopped off in Jackson's hotel room)  Episode 1
  • Anthony Parks, Miskatonic Grad Assistant (destroyed by a summoned Elder Thing in the Egyptian desert)  Episode 28
  • Yaleshia, Belly Dancer  (destroyed by a summoned Elder Thing in the Egyptian desert) Episode 28
  • Abdul, Egyptian Thug (disintegrated by the Black Pharaoh), 31
  • Father Dorian Dolan, Anglican Priest (eaten by a shoggoth, Gray Dragon Island), Episode 37
  • Francois Guerin, ex-French Foreign Legion (sacrificed by his own friends "for the good of humanity") Episode 37
Characters driven mad: 1
  • Brian Nichols, driven mad by the paintings in Miles Shipley's house.  Still wandering the streets of Soho in the rain.
Characters' minds wiped: 1
  • Randall Ward, by the mysterious man in the fez at Misr House, Episode #26
Characters who mysteriously disappeared
  • RJ Cunninghame, Big Game Hunter, Episode 37
Characters transported to Ancient Egypt(?):  1
  • Dr Nathaniel Millheim (by the Black Pharaoh)
Characters sodomized by summoned lesser gods
  • Joshua Wenisko (London)
Characters Surviving
  • Steven O'Hara - Mathematician and Physics Doctoral Candidate - full campaign.
  • Dr Bob Wintermute - Professor of History, Miskatonic Univeristy - full campaign.
  • David Kavida - Writer, The New Yorker - four sessions.

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