Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Family Game Decathlon 2016

In the spirit of the Olympics, the ViscountEric household partook in a Game Decathlon.  Ten games with track and field scoring (1st=10, 2nd=7, 3rd =4, 4th=1)

I had planned on getting my wife involved in some of the "family gaming" festivities, but she fell upon a horrid summer cold that knocked her out of commission for at least a week.   Part of me still thinks that she's allergic to weird game,

Uno - Millie took a surprise lead with an impressive performance.
Connect Four - With Mom out of commission, this was Dad's to lose.
Dungeon Saga - Maja made numerous tactically sound runs for the win. 
Santa's Bag - This is becoming a big favorite in the house.  Maja wins!
No Mercy  -  Another game full of Travis Hanson art.  Good for 2, 4, 6, or 8 player game with the future expansion.  Win for Dad.
Chupacabra Dice - My first commanding win in Chupacbra Dice!
Car Wars the Card Game - The girls teamed up on me, and soon Maja backstabbed her sister.
Zombie Dice - Win for Maja
Martian Dice - Clinching win for Dad.  Of the dice games, Martian Dice is by far the most inferior.
Life - Like the 1500m in a true Decathlon, the Game of Life is a long game to finish up the event.  The girls ran amok. 

In the end, I only won by one point (my wife at least playing Life could have played spoiler). 

After experimenting with a #30GamesAMonth, just finding time for ten events for one big prize is much easier. We'll certainly recreate this next August, and perhaps on future vacations.

And I will continue to try and get the Missus involved.

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