Friday, September 2, 2016

(Kickstarter) Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game, Powered by GURPS

In a late-night bout of insomnia last week, I sat there in bed and wondered to myself, "Was Steve Jackson Games going to launch another Kickstarter anytime soon?"

My sleepless nights must turn to other topics, as Dungeon Fantasy- Powered by GURPS is here!

Dungeon Fantasy will be a boxed set, containing five book, holding over 400 pages of material needed to play fantasy in streamlined version of GURPS far friendlier to newbie and veteran alike.

The base pledge level for the box set is $50 plus S&H (estimated at $15 for US).  With 100k as the base goal, the stretch goals for $120k and $175k are reasonable and easily obtainable:  Each level reached will take $5.00 off of shipping for all backers, regardless of location.    No t-shirts, no super-special pressboard expansion fold out in the book, no leather bound hardcover version of the pamphlets.  Simple reduction in shipping costs (and at $140k, a new pdf).  Nothing wild, entirely practical.

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