Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ambassador-General Fonzy "The Fonz" Schlepprock circa 1136

Ambassador-General Fonzy "The Fonz" Schlepprock   - 6th Level Gnome Titan Fighter
Align:  NG,  Ht:  3'4"  Weight:  84 lbs   Class: UMC   Age 75
Birth:  Legit, Mom:  Living, Loving.  Dad:  Living, Loving.  Heritage:  Honorable
Siblings:  1 illegitimate sibling, brother, younger (alive)  normal relationship, share Mom.
Base Movement:  9
XP:  37,760

STR:  15/86
INT:   16/54
WIS:  07/31
DEX: 13/75
CON: 12/01
CHA: 16/50
COM: 11/47

Hit Points:  34
AC:  1
Total Bonus:  +4/+7 (with +2 Short Sword)

PP:  481
GP:  14,043
EP:  2790
SP:  2470
cp:  8107

Weapon Prof:
Short Bow
Short Sword Specialize (3/2 attacks, +1/+2 )

Blind Fighting
Defensive Bonus (+1 Bonus to AC)
Short Sword Bonus (+1 Bonus to Hit)

Basic Gear:
Breeches, Tunic
Belt, Gloves,
Large Belt Pouch
Flint and Steel
Rations (7 days/standard)
Rations (3 weeks, iron)
Winter blanket
1 Burning Trogs brass signet ring
Grappling Hook
War Pony with tack/bridle/saddle
Fine Silk Garments

Fonzie dressed like this for a costume ball at his Trebeizond estate in 1137.  He never did it again.
2 normal short swords
short bow
60 flight arrows
2 dagger

Medium Shield (+2 bonus to AC  -  4/3 damage remaining)
Studded Leather (  4/ 2/ 1  )
Ring Mail   (   6/  2/  1  )
Field Plate (24/12/10/8/6/4/2/1)

"Paingiver"  Shortsword +2  - if wounds another, must save vs spells or writhe in pain for 1d6 rounds.

Skills:  bbi x5

First Aid Skill Suite   24%
         Cauterize Wounds
         Sew Own Wounds
         Sew Wounds

Street Cred               41%
Feign Toughness      30%
Liar, Skilled              41%
Flex Muscle              28%
Weapon Maint.          Auto (10gp/month)
Shaving/Grooming    Auto (25gp/month)
Groin Stomp              23%
Rousing Speech         20%

Gnomish                    100%
Common                     22%
R/W Gnome                27%
R/W Common             32%

Loss of eye (left)   -1 to hit
Self Absorbed
Enmity to Dwarves
Chronic Liar

Estate in Treibezond (Neufonzstein) Duchy of Sarbonia, generates 10,000 gp/yr. (20,000 if PC manages it themselves)

Awards, Medals
Phalera Tetracross (Giant medallion from Barthey Empire, to be inserted in armor)
Civic Crown of Barthey (Gilded wreath of olive branches)
Obsidian Medal of Barthey (for heroism during the siege of Akorros)
A pile of ribbons and awards from Celsior and Marakeikos for actions during the civil war.
A pile of ribbons and honors from the Gnome Titan Legions picked up during random trips to bazaars.

Schlepprock Clan
Location:  Southern Gnomish City-States
Race:  Gnome Titan, some normal gnome mixed in
Social Class:  UMC
Alignment:  NG
Clan Religion:  Pangrus
Family Honor:  115
Notable Family Contacts:  None
Hereditary Grudges, Enemies, and Allies:
Dwarves of Ahzur Khai (grudge)

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