Thursday, September 1, 2016

Do You Want to Buy a Game Store???

As I finished my nightly dog walk and kissed the kids goodnight, I checked Facebook and this interesting tid-bit popped up on my feed.

I originally mentioned the The Gamer's Edge opening in Easton back in June.   While I originally expressed some doubts as to the location, it came down to qualified staffing.

Disclaimer:  I never got closer than the 2400 block of Northampton St in Easton over the Summer, so I never got a chance to check the place out.  My spies and agents of the Viscount have either provided me with reasons they no longer frequent the Stroudsburg location, or those who did venture to Wood Ave sent back a report to me that could be summed up as "It's not a place to avoid, it's just not a place either of us would frequent."  As I mention at least once a month like it's on my blogging bingo card, "I'm no longer the demographic."

Five grand for a set up a storefront with a reasonable lease per square foot (yay, realtor friends!) isn't bad.  Stock at cost as an option is great, but that still means setting up the commercial accounts, licensures, permits, taxes, etc for the new business.   However, unless the hipsters have taken over that section of town and renamed it trendy DuToWeWa (Dutchtown West Ward), the only reason you head down that way is Porter's Pub or the Easton Bakery.    Plus, in a city with many odd streets, alleys, and trails, that block is a tiny freckle on the inside of your armpit:  Even if you apply deodorant every day, you forget exactly what's going on right there. 

And even with all the well-wishes and hope that a resolution might happen in the immediate future.  I'm stuck with one major point:  three months. 

Three months isn't even the full season of an outdoor flea market.  It's shorter than a 55 and older slow-pitch softball league.    And since I've personally and professionally have had to deal with the recent aftereffects of multi-million dollar contracts collapsing within 90 days because one or more parties couldn't (or simply did not want to) achieve goals with supposed well-though-out business plans, I have little sympathy for those doing things on a wing and a  prayer. 

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