Tuesday, September 6, 2016

(Hackmaster) Burning Trogs Rule! #53: Epilogue

When I started compiling the tales of the Trogs online, it was way back, alternating between the Actual Play forums on rpg.net and Kenzer & Company, and that was already years after the campaign had ended. To not put this one my own blog would be an outright crime, even if it is Gaming with the Gnomies.

Although I relied heavily on modules for the campaign, it was not linear by any stretch of the imagination.  Too many rotations in and out of the roster, too many repercussions from the group's actions (or inaction) change the world around them. 

Still, I did not anticipate the process of documenting the campaign taking so long.  I've since learned my lesson with the never-ending work for my Call of Cthulhu group.

In spite of it all, this is the most successful campaign I have ever run.  140+ sessions, plus a plethora of solo side adventures to tie everything in.

Somewhere around episode ten, rewriting the journals rekindled my desire to get the Trogs back together.  The short-lived move of Zorin's character Hoyce has added fuel to the fire, at least motivation to finish the write-up. 

Despite a decade away from the action, I would assemble the Trogs together in a heartbeat if the circumstances were in our favor.  I seriously believe the only way that would happen is if I hit the lottery and bought everyone tickets on an 8+ Day cruise.  Gaming while at sea, bar service, some karaoke, and then everyone can do whatever shore excursion they want, so long as they come back that night for an encounter or two. If we did a solid 40 hours (10 sessions), I'm certain we could complete the final quest for revenge the Burning Trogs would ever need. 

(Edit: To be honest,  I wrote this months ago, well  before I finished writing up all the Actual Plays.  While it is not a done deal, my regular group has interest in re-visiting the Trogs.  Meeting regularly with the players on the periphery of our area would be our only problem (Zorin's player in Boston is our biggest bugaboo).  That cruise still isn't a bad idea.)   

How I would probably progress:
  1. One of those old AEG pocket modules to fill in a plot hole (Dead Man's Hand) and knock off the rust from the system.
  2. Revenge fantasy with increasing difficulty as they plow through A1-4 Smackdown the Slavers
  3. S5/S6 - Isle of Death/Dead Gawd's Hand for a Revenge palette cleanser if they wished to continue.
If somehow they power through all those with time left, perhaps I'll advance the campaign a bit more and run them through Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor, which will be located outside the Western Shore of  the City-States of Myridius.  Perfect location to bring back a certain Master of his domain with his own bruised ego seeking revenge.   

One second thought, I need to win enough just to buy everyone a house so we can live close enough to game.

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