Thursday, September 15, 2016

An Expanding Cast of Characters and a Concerned Father

It's been a pretty good week.  The temperatures are dropping, the kids are finally going to bed earlier, and I have been able to venture down in the basement and work at my painting bench.

I've not only gotten a few thing done, but I've also figured out the events I'm running at Mepacon in November (post with descriptions soon to follow).  This also changes my painting queue somewhat, although *spoilers* if I'm ready with my Mousling figures for the Mepacon game, it will be a small weight off my shoulders if I want my Mouse-a-geddon/Rat-na-rock game next year. 

As I'm finishing up the minis and buildings for Episode #9 of The Savage Saga of Maja Millie, I brought up the teams for the next session.  Maja took a few minutes before bed and wove a nice little story between her good guys and bad guys. 

Millie came down the following morning and started naming the new characters. The dog will be dubbed Sparky and one of the older minis will be Ole Olafsson.  She then grabbed a random mini and declared, "This one is Psycho McPsychosson," and proceeded to scamper off with a delightful Tra-la-la...

I knew I should have saved up for therapy.

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