Friday, September 23, 2016

(Painting) Captain Krustach and Some Tramp Steamer Sailors

With my "little bit 'o this, and a little bit o' that" style of painting this year, I'm happy to finally finish painting an entire pack of minis.

These are Pulp Figures' PSS01 Tramp Steamer Sailors 1 from their Savage Seas line. 
"Captain Skippy" (center) was painted up awhile back and played an active role in my favorite Pulp adventures with my girls, A Simple Trade and A Complicated Arrangement.  Captain Skippy's twin brother Larry, and his crew will play an important part in episodes #9 and #10 of The Savage Saga of Maja Millie.

I also got to finish up Captain Krustach of Kashgar, the 2015 Movember Fundraiser Figure from Pulp Figures.  Don't know when he's making an appearance, but he was another pleasure to paint.

Up Next:  More mouslings, more mouslings, and perhaps a mice warrior.

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