Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Gamma World GM Screen

Outside of a select few, most GM screens for role-playing games are an absolute waste of cardboard.

That is why I've relegated myself to only four screens over my 25 years of Gamemastering

*2nd Edition AD&D (with that glorious adventure, Terrible Trouble at Tragidore
*The last Keeper Screen for Call of Cthulhu 6th Edition
*Hackmaster 4th Edition GM Screen (more on that in a future post)

And for everything else, I've used my Gamma World Referee's Screen.

I snagged this bad-boy up during the D&D blow-out at Kay-Bee toys in the early 90's... for FIFTY CENTS.  I haven't used it much over the past few years, as I've focused on Hackmaster, Beer and Pretzels games, and wargaming, but it does have my initial cheat sheets still in it from when I started the current Call of Cthulhu campaign, seven or eight years ago.

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