Thursday, June 15, 2017

(Savage Lost) #2.9 "Who Could Have Foreseen It"

After rescuing Nils and reuniting with Kacey Barbara, our heroes tried to work their way back the treehouse village of the blue monkey men (Akala).  Thunderous roars could be heard across the valley. The priestess of the rival Ahdo tribe had successfully pulled off some type of ritual and something large and terrifying was out there.

Just within the outskirts of the Akala's territory, they heard a very human "Pssst.... pssst" coming from the bushes.  It was Blauen, the very first Akala they had encountered in the Lost Valley.   Maja Millie and Lord Cuppenbrush rolled their eyes at another opportunity to showcase their pitiful charade skills, but Nils pushed them aside and with some crack linguistic skills, got the following information out of the scared little blue creature:
*Defensive scouts watching the rescue saw the death of Mettiaus and the Akala he commanded
*The war party leaders believe the pale ones (our hereos) are responsible for their deaths.
*Revenge on the pale ones is more important that fighting the Ahdo or fighting Atil-a-Kong
*The heroes must leave the Akala's domain immediately, under penalty.
*Blauen was willing to escort them to a "safe house"  (safe tree?) from both the Akala and Ahdo.

Three random encounter minor objectives are on the board.  The major objective is for the heroes to escape off the opposite side of the boar/prevent the escape.

Our Heroes (* = Wild Card)
Maja Millie* - Crack Archeologist - Large knife and throwing knives.
Nils Lingonberry* - Famed Swedish Adventurer and linguist.  - Pistol
Kacey Barbara* - Regionally famous photojournalist - Large Knife
Lord Jon-Smythe Cuppenbrush* - ex-British adventurer, full-time British gentleman
Blauen - Rogue Akala

The Akala
Akala x8 - Short spears

Turn 1:  The Heroes sneak towards better cover, fail their roll for the objective and awaken a sabretooth tiger!
Another sabre-tooth tiger?
Turn 2 - The Akala continue to move up, not seeing anything.  Then a terrified Kacey Barbara dashed past them and dove into the underbrush.  The Akala were quite confused, but had no chance to react.

Turn 3 -The sabretooth tiger was surrounded and could do little than stun one of the heroes each turn. With the men acting as giant cat toys, Maja Millie stepped back to look around for Kacey.

Half the Akala  war party reached one of the minor objective (hoping for reinforcements) but a completely botched roll allowed a drunk Ankylosaurus to stumble onto the board.
Oh, this is not good at all!
The second half of the war party spotted Maja Millie and threw some of their short spears at her. Most futilely missed but one seemed to hit her in her side doing tremendous damage.  Through an inspiring act of courage, Maja pulled the spear out of her, wounded but determined to get out of there alive.
Maja Millie goes down... for now!
Turn 4 - Maja Millie drew a Joker and charged the Akala, two knives in hand.  The Akala fumbled for more spears, but realized they must have dropped/lost them somewhere in the jungle! (Enemy runs out of ammo). 

Maja Millie flung herself at one of the monkey men, stabbing them in heart, then chucking her other knife at his ally, taking him out.
Maja Millie gets Medieval in the Lost World
The remaining Akala trained on the archeologist were ready to pull bone knives, but a confused dinosaur came crashing through the trees, having already taken out the other four war party members.

Turn 5 - Maja Millie reaches Kacey Barbara at the main objective.   The two surviving Akala Make one last attack on the rampaging dino, and one manages to muster enough courage to aim true and enough strength to piece the beast's hide and kill it!!!!!!   A great amount of Ankylosaur soup would be made back at the Akala village... and perhaps a new War Chief named....

And somewhere off in the distance, an occasional gun shot rang out as two Humans and an Akala tried to outrun a still sleepy sabretooth tiger.

A quick game with either tremendous rolls (such as the Akala's 5 wound on Maja Millie.. and her subsequent 4 wound recovery) or horrible botches which distracted each party from the tasks at hand.
The surviving monkey men may have let the hated pale men escape, but only the strongest can slay a dinosaur... and become a leader of the tribe.

And where is the grievously wounded Mettiaus?   Or the the terrifying Atil-a-Kong?

Next:  Episode #2.10 - "The Valley of the Ape God"

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