Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Desert Island Games

I'm in a podcast rut.  Without grabbing episodes from more than six months ago, I'm caught up with all my regular podcasts, and I've caught up with all the old CoC Actual Plays that interest me. 

This leaves me with some third rate shows to fill in my final days of "busy work" at the office before I get the okay to begin my annual training programs.

One of the podcasts brought up Desert Island Gaming:  You (and enough players) are stranded on a desert island forever.  If you could bring ten board games to fill in the time till the end of infinity, what would they be? 

I'll throw in some caveats:  3-5 of my fellow castaways are available from our shores of surviving to play, and the games must be either card or board-based.  No pure miniatures wargames or role-playing games and the need for a third player eliminates the Space Hulks and such from the conversation.

10 - The Campaign for North Africa -  Because we would have plenty of time to play it!  Of course, one bad typhoon and our chits are all in the ocean.

9 - Diplomacy  -  Things are going to devolve into the Lord of Flies eventually, so we might as well kick this off right!
8 - Ticket to Ride
7 - Fluxx.
6 - Zombie Dice, or any other dice-based game.  For a quick respite from the brutal reality of tropical living, we just need a few minutes, some dice, and a hard surface. 
5- Battletech - we have figures and boards from the introductory set.  and if we need more mechs I guess we can have Wilson carve a few out of coconuts
4 - Sports Illustrated Football - This one just appeared in my head out of thirty years of nothingness.  I owned this as a kid and the rules were simple and fun, even if I remember only having four teams.   And since by my own rules I can't include Dice Baseball (no cards, no board), this shall be my sports game of choice.
3- TWERPS -  Here's my true exception.  Most games require a hex or square grid, so this is my RPG selection.  I guess we could use a current edition of D&D for the same reasons.
2 -Settlers of Catan
1- Apples to Apples

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