Thursday, July 30, 2015

(Kickstarter) Halfling Adventurers

Stonehaven Miniatures has recently launched their most recent Kickstarter, Halfling Adventures. 

I last mentioned Stonehaven with their Gnomish Adventurers Boxed Set that managed to raise $147,000 and had over 30 stretch goals reached, over 20 of them more minis to the core package.  Check out their webstore for what was produced.  The KS was definitely a bargain compared to retail!

This time a $25 pledged netted you five figures, and the two stretch goals have added a paladin and the all important 25mm Second Breakfast.

I do much prefer this concept art to their previous endeavors, and out of their six previous Kickstarters, all but one has successfully funded (the other was cancelled) and it looks like all miniatures have been delivered on-time.

If I want a unique halfling army for Age of Sigmar (snicker) this might be the way of doing it. 

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