Friday, July 10, 2015

(Painting) Fleas, Mechs, and Sikhs

Disaster almost befell the Kriget Rum this week, as I discovered a large number of fleas!  No, not the awkwardly boxy BattleMechs, but the annoying bugs!  The basement is shared by the cats, and our one cat, Houdini, is true to her name and escapes outside for days on end.  She did get an infamous ViscountEric family cat bath, but lo' and behold, she had only two or three.  Full basement fumigation has commenced, which has slowed my sloth-like pace back towards a catatonic state.

I did manage to organize and consolidate a few more boxes of stuff.  My future radio antenna is primed, I found my lone survivor insulation tile I turned into hills for my Tanga Campaign.  It's been modified to a more temperate and civilized climate.  So long as our pests do not return, it will make it's triumphant return on all the non-Mech minis I complete next week, God willing.

First off, the next wave of BattleMechs:
Vindicator, Stinger, and Assassin
The inspiration for these was the 8th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT  of the Federated Suns (House Davion).  The Vindicator should normally be a Liao, but the paint scheme I chose was so similar I figured it would be easier just to add it to this group.  The Cappellan Confederation always gets the short end of the stick 'mech-wise, why change things now?

Our refurbed unit of the week is as-of now unnamed Sikh Unit, complete with Sikh Officer and Sikh Bugler.  Suggestions for a name or unit designation would be appreciated in the comments...

Sikh and Destroy!  *rimshot*
There's already one glaring touch up in this picture and I chose to keep them on washer bases and not switch to mdf ones, primarily because they're well-stuck to the washers!  After panicking about getting down to 20 round bases or so, I discovered another Chinese food container with an untouched supply of bases.  Barring a brand new project, I should be able to base every gnome I need to.

Next Up:  Perhaps Motivation, Mordheim, Swiss Gnomes, and Steiner 'Mechs

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