Sunday, July 5, 2015

(Kickstarter) Star Crush Starship Miniatures

After a small but active social media campaign, Crucible Crush has started the Kickstarter campaign for their Star Crush Starship Miniatures.

Star Crush are 1/240 scale space minis which correspond with the same size as the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars.  The $110 pledge nets you 16 of the four different models, the $55 pledge level can get 6 ships of one race (see below) and you can order individual additional ships for $9 apiece.  Each pledge does have a (slightly) painful $15 S&H charge. 

When compared to the $14.95 core ships for Star Wars:

$9      -  $9.00 each
$55    -  $9.16 each (and access to one race's stretch goals)
$110  -  $6.88 each (and access to all stretch goals)

Some other things to consider:
  • The minis are METAL
  • The minis are sculpted by Bob Murch of Pulp Figures
  • Estimated Delivery is October 2015 and they're already casting the figures.
From the Pulp Figures Facebook page.  Ships for painting and presentation at Historicon

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