Thursday, July 23, 2015

(Kickstarter) Haunted Tree Stump and Zombie Gnome

It's been quiet on the Kickstarter front this week.  Despite De Horrore Cosmico arriving yesterday and the Reaper Bones III hitting stretch goals on a daily basis, nothing has caught my eye even remotely. 

Then I noticed the Haunted Tree Stump campaign and clicked it on a whim.

For a miniature wargamer, that stump isn't some small throw-away piece of resin, it's 7-inches worth of... well... the KS just says it's sculpted, doesn't say anything about what it will be cast in.  And at $35 (plus $15 S&H!) it better be a cheaper version of titanium.

What really caught my eye was an extra option for a previously successful campaign, an eight inch tall zombie gnome!

For $50 (plus $16 S&H) I think I'll stick to the Brigade Games Znombies.

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  1. I clicked on the link to the Kickstarter and actually it does say that it's cast in high strength polyurethane. That's what "resin" is.

    For painted pieces of that size, not made in China, this stuff is actually underpriced. If I was looking for "collectibles" or halloween decorations I'd buy it up. It's giftware though, not gaming minis, so too large for what I want. Too bad, it's cool looking stuff and priced right - it's just not something I need.