Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Gygax Day and the Heroes of Heislod

Monday was Gygax Day, more specifically, Gary Gygax's Birthday.  It is expected that everyone around the land play some D&D and post some ridiculous memes on social media.  This year the memes seemed sparse and the played games even sparser, so I decided to print out a copy of Heroes of Heislod and give the girls a little role-playing before bed.

The scenario is meant to introduce children as young as six into D&D.    No major stats, save a to hit bonus.  All damage does a static one or two points of damage, except if you roll a nat 20, then it's 1d6.  

Let's say this, when the scenario says for five to six players, it's not lying.  I barely tweaked the scenario and filed off a few edges, but it was touch and go up until they encountered the dragon.

Evelyn and Neener close in on the dragon
For Maja, who's six and has already ventured into the goblin caves of the 5e Starter Set, this was a bit too simplistic.  For Millie at four, we need to work on numbers more, but it's sequel will do nicely.  

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