Friday, July 24, 2015

Mining Gnomes and... the Chupacabra?

The painting queue continues to crumble.  I'm halfway through the next Gnome Swiss unit, this time Miner Gnomes (and one Pickaxe laborer) for my 3rd Engineering Company (EC)
The 1st EC is simply phenomenally efficient at building any military related structure.  The 2nd EC has perfected sniffing out mines and unexploded ordinance.   This leaves the 3rd with little to do but twiddle their thumbs, so the military loans them out to the Ministry of the Interior, where they repair roads and bridges, hence their bright uniforms.

Here the 3rd EC has just begun clearing a suspicious rock slide across a major rural artery.   But wait, what's that peering off from the hill?

It's the Chupacabra!!!!
The Chupacabra is from Brigade Games' Caribbean Empires line.  I picked up at three at Cold Wars, since it is my daughters' favorite monster.  Two more attempts at different paint styles, although I would need to find a yeti or bigfoot to paint and paint it up in the style of the Scooby Doo version they love the most.

Next up:  Another ten of so Swiss Engineers, three Battlemechs, and those infernal Mordheim figs I keep mentioning before I turn to OPERATION: BIG PROJECT!

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  1. Love the engineers with their traffic cone hats and yellow rain slickers! Great vignette of them breaking and clearing rocks! Tells a nice story all by itself. You should definitely take more action pics like that!

    Also, great paint job on your Chupacabra. Really looks professionally done. Very nice job!