Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summer Camp Was Never This Fun....

Summer was pretty hum-drum for my family.  Sure, there was a vacation to Vermont or Maine most years, and we usually got to an amusement park at least twice a year (either Dorney or Hershey).    The township did have a summer program that ran twice a week at the park down the street from my house, but that was just a morning of arts and crafts, followed by kickball till lunch.

This is what I wanted from a summer program.  And it gives me ideas of my own... 

Stolen from the Penny Whistle, since none of the kids faces were showing.
The Penny Whistle looks to be a great blog, mentioning everything from 54mm to 1/3000 scale ships and even mentions electronic football!    An early article on making DBA armies with hair curlers and plastic needlepoint grid convinced me to add them to my reading list, and it gets better from there.

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