Tuesday, August 1, 2017

#RPGaDay 2017 Day 1: What Published RPG Do You Wish You Were Playing Right Now?

The days are hot, the workload at my job is growing exponentially, and the murmurings of a great pilgrimage to Indianapolis are growing every day.

Must be time for #RPGaDay!
Day One is a perfectly simple question:  What Published RPG Do You Wish You Were Playing Right Now?

Short Answer:  D&D Mentzer Basic/Expert Rules
Long Answer:  Despite a strong desire to run more Call of Cthulhu , Savage Rifts, and a "years later" relaunch of my old Hackmaster campaign, my current goal is to look at getting the band back together via online gaming.  This might evolve into the above-mentioned Hackmaster, dream, but only two of the group have experience in the process, so it's smarter to start with the simple beauty of the early stages of BECMI.

I've even got my mini-campaign (some of you would call in a full campaign, I call it a story arc.)   Magical intrigue, rampaging foreign forces, and some down and dirty village role-playing in Adventures in Gulluvia.  

*Dear Grognards, don't spoil it for the rest of the group.  They already ran through most of the source material years ago, and I'm not revisiting that. *

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