Thursday, August 10, 2017

#RPGaDay 2017 Day 10: Where Do You Go for RPG Reviews?

Day 10: Where Do You Go for RPG Reviews? 

Short Answer:  I don't, at least not in the traditional sense. 

Long Answer: We're no longer in the provincial days when the news of games were only available in the back of gaming magazines. 

With so many forums, blogs, etc at our disposal, the information is out there. 

The only thing to remember when reading reviews, message threads, etc, is that most people review something because they either (a) love it or (b) despise it.  Truly unbiased reviews are hard to come by.  Heck, even I have trouble with bias on the few products I review for those very same reasons, and I try to mitigate that bias. 

I've discovered that I've gotten far better overviews of RPGs from actual play episodes of podcasts than anything written.
 I dove into Spirit of '77 thanks to the Happy Jacks RPG Podcast.

I learned to accept the wacky dice of Fantasy Flight's Star Wars RPG from the Campaign Podcast
Fan art for the Campaign Podcast posted on WaveYourGeekFlag
And I am ashamed that I forgot which podcast introduced me to Rockerboys and Vending Machines.

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