Tuesday, August 8, 2017

#RPGaDay 2017 Day 8: What is a Good RPG to Play for Session 2 Hours or Less.

Huzzah!   Day 8: "What is a Good RPG to Play for Sessions 2 Hours or Less."

We are blessed nowadays with a plethora of small press games that seem perfect for two hour sessions. Truth be told, perhaps it's the magic of audio editing in podcasts making games appear to fit the ninety minute or two hour slot.

One thing I've learned from the +1 Forward Podcast is a healthy reminder that a game session is broken down into individual segments, scenes, and resolutions. The podcast takes only a few minutes to tinker with the themes and special mechanics for the particular Powered by the Apocalypse hack in an actual play covered in the episode, but it's normally a perfect length introduction to a scenario that can easily run two hours (or longer if so inclined).

That all being said, my default 2-hour RPG, has been, and might always be Risus: The Anything RPG.

Risus was always perfect to close out our annual "Day of Sloth" Labor Day Picnic, which was two hours. It can get slightly complicated if you want it to, but at its essence, I need a stack of index cards, writing implements, six-sided dice and two hours for my ongoing Illuminati University campaign.

After a short hiatus, we hope to have start the picnic up this Labor Day, and I hope to keep the game moving.  Time to start hacking away at the backlog of gaming ideas for the campaign, two hours at a time. 

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