Sunday, August 6, 2017

#RPGaDay 2017 Day 6: You Can Game Every Day for a Week. Describe What You'd Do

It takes six days for #RPGaDay to repeat an answer from a previous year's list.

"You can game every day for a week... Describe What You'd Do"

First off, I need to figure out how I got seven days for gaming, and that was answered on Day 29 for RPGaDay 2016.

Let's take a nine-day cruise with my closest gaming friends and allies.

Why at least nine?  Embarking and Disembarking the ship aren't all day affairs, but they are never productive days for most passengers.

A cruise offers a ton of options. There's a variety of locations on board to play. No real-life interruptions (never said I'd take the spouses and kids...although I probably should). A variety of food and beverages are available within a few hundred feet. It's a like a floating college dorm of gaming opportunities.

With seven days at sea and the old crew back together, I would relaunch my "Burning Trogs Rule!" campaign for Hackmaster 4th Edition, a Burning Trogs Redux, if you will.  Those slavers hosed the then under-powered Trogs back in the day, and for the last twelve years, Gnome Titan Zorin Redrock has scoured the seas, looking for their magically hidden slaver city.  Revenge will be had!

Even though I would impose mandatory breaks while in ports of call, sea days would be dedicated to gaming, so there is still a possibility that they could plow through the Hacked version of the Slavers Series halfway through the cruise.  What to do for remaining days?  I've got contingency plans.

  • Hoyce would run some Star Trek: Next Generation RPG (Last Unicorn Games).  It was a blast in college, although we didn't give it enough time.  
  • Scott would run Star Frontiers, since he's still amazed that I've never actually played it.  
  • Hell, I'll make Scott run Top Secret while we're at it!
  • Hoyce and I could pull out some Cthulhu one-shots with pre-gen characters.  
  • Risus - Illuminati University (To be honest, this should be mandatory between dinner and the evening session/entertainment.  Hell, we could play this IN the dining room!)
  • Savage Rifts
  • Talislanta
  • Space 1889
  • Mouse Guard
  • Spirit of '77 based off of the Beastie Boys Sabotage video. 
  • and maybe an alcohol-infused game of Diplomacy.  We will be in international waters...
Cosplay and LARPing not required.  Don't want to freak the mundanes!
We're starting to go a little overboard (and the books are going to get heavy... We're the young hip, self-disembarking crew).  

And if my players aren't cool with those non-Hackmaster options?  Well, I can whip out Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor and some other Judges Guild goodies to keep the party rolling.  

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  1. Brilliant.

    I've never been really all that excited about the idea of going on a cruise. But now that you've laid it all like this, if that was the one way I could get a half dozen of my closest friends to get together for a whole week to catch up on some gaming... I could totally get behind that!