Tuesday, July 7, 2015

(Kickstarter) Reaper Bones III is HERE!!!

The Reaper Bones III Kickstarter is live and funded within 2 minutes!!!

I initially reported the $100 Core Set Pledge would include these minis...

But when I finally logged onto the page (seconds in and at a measly $10,000 raised) these had been added on prior to the launch.

You now have me interested, Reaper.
By the time I finish typing this, the Kickstarter should well exceed $300,000.  The folks at Reaper are scurrying with an update, because they only listed two stretch goals at $60k and $90k.  The first stretch goal were an extra four orcs, making the $100 pledge for 54 minis.
The second stretch goal unlocked the first add-on:  Marthrangul.
 I could raise the funds pretty quickly for a $100 pledge (and free shipping to the US!), but I'm in for a $1 placeholder to see what comes out on their giant update by the end of the day. 

Oh yeah, if you pledge now, you're looking at September 2016 for projected shipping.

And one last thing:  If this won't be enough, they are in the planning stages for their next Kickstarter for October. 

I'm sure I'll post more info on this as it becomes available.

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