Wednesday, August 16, 2017

My Reaper Bones 4 Update and Want List

We're about halfway done with the Reaper Miniatures Bones 4 Kickstarter, and despite a significant amount of "meh" with the selections, I've found myself looking at more add-on items.

No matter if it's a 100 minis or a foot tall dragon for the "Core" pledge of $100, I really haven't had a need for any of base sets in Bone I-IV.  I'm what you might call an "a la carte" type of guy.   At this point in the campaign for Bones 3 (money-wise.  Bones 3 was only 18 days long!) , I was looking at three items (and duplicates thereof)

  • Frost Giant Warriors (2 sets, 4 warriors total) $20.00
  • Mouslings (2 sets)  $20.00
  • and the Mystic Circle $15.00
To be honest, I ended up snagging the one group of Mouslings and the Circle with the Kickstarter pledge and added a lot more in the Pledge Manager through the following year. 

This time, one of the expansions is singing to me with a sci-fi siren's call, and I don't even play sci-fi right now!

And the regular add-ons hit the same demographics as last time:

 More Giants:
 Mousling Equivilants:
 And cute widdle dwagons that my girls will still want to paint with their uncool father, even in the Spring of 2019.

That's $94 before S&H!  Thank God I'll have a few months to tack extras on via the Pledge Manager.

And if this Kickstarter stays to form, they will open up the "a la carte" option to the core set before it wraps up.  Methinks a few pig pumpkin carts are in order, plus some awesome femal warriors.  

We have another million dollars or so of stretch goals before this ends, so I might be even further trouble.

Of course, for the record, I'll include the very recent controversy about Reaper's employee participating in "questionable political discussions" on a personal social media outlet.  Some people have over-reacted and become outraged, pulling their pledges, others are over-reacting and become over-defensive, and the truth lies somewhere in the middle.  A tempest in a teapot compared to other factors happening around the country and around the world, and according to the campaigns numbers, people may have pulled out in protest, but not in numbers to affect this slow-crawling mid-campaign juggernaut.

More importantly, where are  the Mouslings already?

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