Thursday, August 17, 2017

#RPGaDay 2017 Day 17: Which RPG Have You Owned the Longest But Not Played?

Day 17 of #RPGaDay brings up another challenging question.

"Which RPG Have You Owned the Longest But Not Played?"

It sounds like an easy question, but after thirty years of owning RPG material, I've cycled/purged/edited my collection so often that it took awhile to remember what edition was purchased when. 

I would have loved to list something truly old-school like Top Secret or *gasp* Star Frontiers, but I believe everything went with the great moving purge of Aught-Four.

The one item that survived the purge that I have yet to play was The End: Lost Souls Edition for d20.
The End was one of those games that originated infamous "BANNED FROM GENCON!" press, but the concept was simple.

The great plagues, blights, and wars foretold in the Bible have actually happened. With the world plummeting into sudden doom, the Rapture occurs, people simply disappearing without a trace. Most of the mighty have destroyed themselves, the righteous have ascended into heaven, and the meek (the PCs) have inherited an Earth that God has forsaken.

The early sessions are scavenger/survivor in nature, the characters finding dwindling supplies and allies, as man turns on himself.   And the absence of God does not mean that the Supernatural no longer hides in the corners of man's eye.  Rather, it has attacked the works of man in two ways.  Nature itself has gone into overdrive, striving for a "Return to Eden."  Man's works are decaying at a rapid rate.  Libraries are turning to dust in months, structures rotting or crumbling away as the plants assault the abandoned structures.  And if the flora isn't a big enough threat, the rumors of giant wolves ravaging the countryside certainly deter those looking to travel for a new life. 

If that's not enough, truly supernatural entities still reside on the Earth, forming armies for a certainly nefarious purpose.   

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  1. Huh, I'd never read of this. Sounds like This is the End could be a live-action-role-play version of this game with famous people captured on film playing themselves... and some wicked cgi added afterwards.